Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make a Statement

You guys! First of all, sorry I was a no-show here on the blog yesterday... I'm on the road and fully intended to get my post up, but lots of unexpected craziness crept up! I won't go into the long {gross} story, but let's just say I've never been happier to see a standard-issue clean Marriott hotel than I was late last night!

Anywho, let's chat about something way more fun... shall we?

It's no secret that I love jewelry! Always have! One of my favorite trends right now is statement necklaces. There is seriously something for everyone... like so:

Boho: Anything goes! This is a great way to incorporate multiple pieces... old and new!

Glam: This is a statement for sure! A look once reserved for black-tie and formal events, these pieces can now go for a casual ladies-who-lunch look, too.

Classic: Pearls have always been a staple in a lady's wardrobe, but now is the time to throw on the strand you inherited from your grandmother with the set you just got this season.

Colorful: These bubble necklaces truly have found there way into 9 out of 10 girls' closets this season, but I'm still loving them! Thanks J.Crew!

I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more jewelry inspiration and more ideas on what to wear for Valentine's Day! Who would have thought I'd be in such a festive mood for such a blah {at least for single-gal me :) } holiday?

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