Monday, September 24, 2012

My Inner Carrie Bradshaw

This may be a little odd to admit, but every time I start to picture what type of house I'll end settling down in someday, my mind always drifts to my dream closet. Now, don't get me wrong, even in my rental, I have an awesome walk-in that I'm perfectly happy paying extra for each month, but there is just something about a space that will be "mine" in a more permanent place that really makes my mind start to wander. 

My girl, Carrie Bradshaw says it best:

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I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this very subject.  By the way, hop on over to Pinterest and follow me... I'm almost as obsessed with Pinterest as I am with my future walk in. Here are  a few ideas I think I'm going to have to incorporate someday...

Purses are one of my favorite things to buy and I definitely need a better way to store them so I can see all of them!

And I'd also love to have my jewelry more on display... it's so pretty, why hide it away? I think I'd try to brighten up the space a bit more that this photo.

Rolling racks are a must for outfit planning! I have a couple now, but I should have invested in more quality pieces. I think I'd like to DIY this guy! Industrial parts + happy color = WIN!

And while we're at it playing this game of make-believe, why not just go all out? Two story walk-in? YES, please. 

It's like Carrie told Mr. Big... she didn't need a diamond, she's just needed a really big closet! Cheers, Carrie! 

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