Monday, January 21, 2013

Post Season Party Dress?

So you know Mama always said, "If the shoe fits, buy it... in two colors!" Ok, so maybe I added the second part! Well, does that rule apply to party dresses?

Here's my dilemma: Great dresses at sale prices, but we've just passed the prime party season of Christmas and New Years AND {for once in my twenty-something life} I don't have any weddings coming up until Spring, which by then these won't fit the bill. 

So, do I buy the dress or dresses and hang on to them for next years gatherings or pass on the bargains? Decisions, decisions.

Sequined Jacquard Dress / Colorblock Sequin Dress

I like these options because they aren't your typical sparkly numbers. Ya know?

Why is it that when you need a great dress for an upcoming occasion they are nearly impossible to find, yet when I have zero need for either of these fancy numbers, I could get them at a steal of a deal? Oh the pity.

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