Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Definitely Nice!

So if anyone was wondering whether I was naughty or nice last year, it turns out I must have done a thing or two nice because Santa was very good to me! AND this blog had a lot to do with it... you probably recognize most of my favorite gifts below are items that I've talked about right here!

1. Tracy Reese Plates: Originally I thought these plates would be great for my future wall 'o plates, but it turns out I got 2 sets {thanks to my Mom and sister thinking alike!} so they will be making an appearance at my next dinner party on the table rather than on the wall!

2. Young House Love: Favorite blog is now my favorite coffee table book! 

3. North Face: It's official. I have worn this jacket everyday since Christmas. And I'm not sorry! It's so cozy!!

4. Tech Gloves: ebb&flo comes in handy again! Dress My Tech GG to the rescue for my cold hands that still need to work my phone. 

5. Bobbi Brown Palette: The colors are even better in person than they were when I added them to My Personal GG picks!

6. Southwest Boots: Mama Z went way back to the early days of ebb&flo with my Southwest Style post to bring home these babies! And they are way on sale now, so you should treat yourself.

So that's a wrap on Christmas 2012. I can't believe it's over! I love everything that I got, but I must say that the best and most beautiful part of Christmas was seeing the joy in my nephews eyes with every single gift and surprise he received! Oh to be a kid again!!! Already excited for next Christmas!

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