Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift Guide: Dress My Tech

Hiya friends! I'm back with another Holiday Gift Guide! If you're looking for gifts for you BFF or a man in your life, check here and here for other GG's in the series!

Do you have any of those people on your Christmas list that are impossible to buy for? These days no one can go a minute without checking some form of technology for some sort of information, so why not help your friends dress their tech!

1. Smart Phone Wallet- Ingenious! If someone gifted me this I would always know where my phone is!

2. iPad Cover- Now isn't this clever? Combine the look of vintage books with the functionality {and protection... no I don't ever drop my iPad!} of an iPad case. You're sure to look chic pulling this out of your tote!

3. Personalized Phone Case- I've said it before... when all else fails go for the monogrammed/personalized gift. Always a winner in my book!

4. Battery Booster- This is for your friend that's always asking you, "Do you have a phone charger with you?" 

5. Earbuds- Add a little personality to plugging into you favorite tunes! How cute are these??? And let's be honest, the Apple issued earbuds could use an upgrade in the comfort department!

6. Tech Gloves- I.need.these. It is so annoying to have to take off your gloves in order to use your touch screen devices! Santa, take note!

7. Bose Speaker- And if you really love the techy on your list, splurge on a great speaker system. Tunes for everyone all around to enjoy!

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