Friday, November 16, 2012

Done and Done: Part 2

I've done it again! I've completed my promised DIY for the week! {You can check out week 1 here if you'd like :)}

This time around, I found inspiration from a couple of my favorite blogs: Bower Power {Katie Bower is hi-lar-ious!} and Little Green Notebook {I think Jenny Komenda is a genius... I live my NYC dream life vicariously through her!}.

left / right

Do you spy with your little eye what I spy with my little eye? The painted edges on the black and whites add an extra POP. Now, I didn't go as far with my craft project to try the engineer print like the gals above {although that is a project on my list someday}, but I did get fancy this black and white that I look at everyday...

ugh, I know... awful iPhone photo again!

Audrey hangs on the wall in my room and serves as a daily reminder to be classy and stylish. 

So what color did I choose as my pop? 


PINK of course! If Audrey believes in it, then so do I!... and truth be told, I love pink and realize I need to get my fill of it while I'm single because I'm sure my future hubby won't share the same sentiment towards the girly color! 

Here's a little play-by-play:

I used paint that I already had on hand from a former project... just went back to my elementary school education and mixed red and white together to make pink! I ended up only using the paint brush to mix my paint. The foam brush was my tool of choice when it came to dressing up Audrey's sides. I went back and forth considering whether or not to tape off the sides or to freehand this project, but in the end, I decided better safe than sorry.

After taping, I got my paint on...

And after a couple of coats of bright pink and a night of drying time, Audrey was ready to back up on the wall with her fresh new facelift!

Ahhhh! It's the little things in life like a POP of pink that make me smile!

Look what a big difference a little bit of paint makes!

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