Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Party!

I have something kind of odd to admit... I don't really like birthdays. I feel they are just added pressure to be the center of attention {not my bag!}. BUT I do love a good party! It makes me much happier to throw a party for someone else other than myself and lately I've been collecting lots of fun inspiration for a grown-up birthday party! 

First, I'd start with some fun and fringy decor:
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And then I would add some balloons and a bit more fringe for good measure:
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Of course there would have to be a fancy area for food and maybe a little DIY photo booth area {which I'm now seeing in fringy as well... I think I see a theme here!}
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At the party, we'll keep the festivities alive with a bit of champaign {how cute is that sparkly bottle?!?} and lovely polka dot napkins... I love my polka dots!

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My sister has a big birthday coming up... maybe I can talk her into having a grown-up party so I can put a few of these ideas work!

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