Friday, November 9, 2012

Done and Done

Were you guys getting worried that I didn't complete my promised DIY for the week?

left / middle / right

Well, I DID! One thing I learned for sure is I need to step up my camera game for this here blog... the iPhone just won't cut it! Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, but at least there is some proof that I got my craft on!

I also need to make a note to myself not to take pictures in the evening when it is d.a.r.k! {Thanks a lot day light savings time!} 

I really like the way the crafts turned out. My plan is to pick up white pieces here and there and tie them together with a little golden updating. I'll be sure to keep you all updated as the "collection" comes along. I even added a little surprise in the bowl {which, by the way, is much shinier and golden in person... again, bad camera and lighting... darn it!}... anywho the surprise that makes me happy:

A little surprise initial inside. Ohhhh the small joys in life!

You know what is a HUGE joy in life? FRIDAYS. Happy Friday to all! Have a great weekend! I'm off to cheer on my Jayhawks tonight for the first official basketball game of the season... Can't wait to be back in Allen Fieldhouse. ROCK CHALK.

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  1. Love these! I need to get're inspiring me Kates! Love ya - have fun tonight :)