Friday, November 30, 2012

I blame Jon Hamm

Well folks, I have failed to complete a DIY project for the week. Darn it. I even have the supplies to get one started, but it's not my fault... Jon Hamm is to blame here.

I mean just look at him... all smokey and handsome! {No, I don't think smoking is handsome, but somehow he makes it look goooood.}

So what am I really talking about here? Well it all started with Black Friday shopping. I'm not really much of a Black Friday shopper. Don't get me wrong, I love a good deal, but I find more pride in a good hunt. Plus, Black Friday shoppers are ca-ray-zy! Seriously, where do some of these people come from?!? Anywho, back to Jon... When I did venture out on Black Friday, after the crazies when home, I saw the Mad Men TV series Seasons 1 through 4 on sale at Target for $8 each, so I thought why not see if I like it. So I bought Season 1... and I watched the whole thing in 2 days {thank you Thanksgiving break}. And then I hunted down Seasons 2 through 4. And my productivity for the week has gone to zero. The funny part about it is, I'm not even sure how much I like the show, but now I'm invested in it! I'm not even a TV watcher {I know people say that and it's hard to believe, but unless I can keep up with a show, I don't watch it... so travel sched + TV just doesn't work for me... hence my addiction to buying entire series on DVD}. I'm almost through Season 2 and am getting all sorts of curious as to what is coming up next! Plus this darn show makes me want to stock a bar cart in my office ala Don Draper, although I'm pretty sure I would not have a job if I did so. Bummer.

So there it is. That is my confession. I owe you 2 DIY's next week and I better just go ahead and make one of them Mad Men themed. I must say the retro 60s attire and furninshings do have my wheels turning. We shall see...


  1. I am obsessed with MadMen! I also bought seasons 1-4 last- but did that last year in time to catch season 5 on tv. Season 6 is coming up Katie...better catch up quick!

  2. Now you can understand my professional life and we can heavily discuss this every day.