Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gift Guide: For Him

Ok, so I have to admit... I am not good at shopping for boys. I think in comparison to what they have to offer for the gals, the boys section is b.o.r.i.n.g. In fact, I hate it. I breeze right by their department. This gift guide was not easy for me to put together, and although it's somewhat general, I'm kinda happy with how it came together!

1. flannel - every boy needs a good flannel!

2. sweater - the go-to gift... boring, yet functional.

3. game gear - I feel like this isn't necessarily something a boy would buy himself. Most of my friends are still wearing the college game gear they acquired during our school years and it's time for an upgrade!

4. travel kit - again, not something a guy would maybe buy himself, but would definitely come in handy!

5. scarf - a great piece to splurge on! A true classic!

6. watch - even boys like a little bling.

7. decanter - when all else fails, go for something with a monogram!... that's my theory!

So there you have it! Happy holiday shopping for all of your boyfriends, hubbies, brothers, friends, dads, cousins, uncles and so on out there! 

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