Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday 5: Essentials

Is there anything more essential to life than friends? I don't think so... just had the best happy hour with the best of friends and realize how lucky I truly am! What a great way to head into the weekend.

Other essentials in life are those things that keep you healthy {exercise essentials}, happy {fun pictures}, connected {and keeping those connections protected from dropping and cracking and so on!} and just downright put together {I'm looking at you, Essie polish and cute shoes!} :).

Happy Friday my friends!

  1. I got a new phone recently. I was bummed at first to have to replace my favorite phone cover, but soon got over my blues when I spotted this cute option! {kate spade cover $40}
  2. Is anyone as obsessed with instagram as I am? I just love it. Capturing memories one filtered picture at a time! I think turning my fav pics into magnets is a must! {stickygrams $15}
  3. So I've been hitting the pavement more than usual this week, and unfortunately for me, we've been having a cooler June than I can ever remember. It might be time to upgrade my running layers and this is what I have my eye on. {lulu hoodie $98}
  4. Go with everything shoes? Essential for sure! {heels $78}
  5. I had a catastrophe in my purse this week... both my base coat and top coat busted! Major bummer. I even had to throw away my favorite Chanel cosmetic bag. I think I'll ease my sorrows with this Essie top coat that I've been hearing such great things about! {No Chips Ahead $8}

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