Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspired to Write

It truly is my goal to become a better blogger. What do I mean by better? Well, for one, I want to be more consistent. For me personally, there is nothing better than starting my day reading my favorite blogs. It's like starting my day hearing from a friend. I feel like it just starts my day off on the right foot! I hope to be that place for others, someday. Secondly, I want to develop better content. I always feel like I'm cheating my loyal readers {which probably only consists of my Mom and sister... thanks fam!} when I throw together a quick post, instead of really putting thought into what I want to talk about. Now, don't get me wrong... everyone loves a good quote every once in a while and that may be all you need to get you through the day, so I'll still post those short and sweeties every here and there, but for the most part, I want this to be a place where I can keep the ideas I have for my wardrobe, my someday house, the parties I'm going to throw, the food I'm going to make eat... you get the picture.

There it is. Out in the open. Now I'm holding all of you accountable for keeping me to it!

Maybe I'd be a better blogger if I had a new desk to sit at when I write? Ha! Probably not, but it is a good excuse to take a look!

Many of my favorite bloggers have been featuring items from Target's new{ish} Threshold Collection and I am smitten. Target does it again! Love so many of the pieces and I think the desk collection is no exception. I'd take one or all of these in my house!

Bright and white: I think this one looks glam. Of course the ideas would just be flowing like crazy sitting at a spot like this! {Hamilton Desk $129}

Industrial: the love affair with industrial continues... at such an affordable price, this might be a must have. {Mixed Material Desk $99}

Campaign: I've seen so many campaign DIY projects that have been tempting to try, but this desk might just be a short cut. {Campaign Desk $149}

Not-So-Mellow-Yellow: this desk just looks happy! Clean, simple and bright! {Windham Desk $169}

Which would inspire you to write?

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