Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Guide: Me and the Kiddos

It's time for the final round of ella.bella.bea&flo gift guides! AND lucky for you, it's a BONUS round!!!

First up, gifts I'd love to see under the tree:

1. Bobbi Brown palette: Love all of these colors! 

2. Cozy Blanket: When I first saw this blanket, I thought it could be a fun DIY, but let's be honest, that's a lot of pom-pom application! 

3. Michael Kors Watch: I've had my eye on this watch forever! Love the horn material.

4. Gossip Girl Season 1: I've always said I wanted to watch GG... maybe now that the series is over, I should just start from square 1!

5. Lulu Lemon Pants: These are a total splurge, but I think they're worth it. Most of my workout clothes come from Target or the like, but a well fitting pair of pants that down ride up or fall down can make or break a workout... ya know what I mean?

6. Rebecca Minkoff bag: I've had my eye on the M.A.C. bag for a while, and this color is my new fav! Every girl needs a good red bag in her closet!

7. Pave´ Link Bracelet: A classic. A must!

And for the kiddos you'll be buying for this holiday:

1. Vintage NBA Shirt: My brother-in-law in from Denver, so I try and help my sweet nephew support his Dad's teams every once in a while and this is a cool-kid way to do it!

2. Art Easel: I'd still love to have an easel as an adult and I have fond memories of having one as a kid.

3: Bitty Baby: Every little girl needs a doll under the Christmas tree! Bitty Baby was my favorite!

4. Tools: And every boy needs his first set of play tools to practice becoming Mr. Fix-It someday!

5. Q&A-A-Day Book: What a cool way to document conversations and thoughts of kiddos!

6. Lion King: This could be a gift for adults and children alike. Classic.

7. Sparkle Collar Tee: Need I say more? We all know I wish I could shop in the Crewcuts Collection of J.Crew!

So that wraps up our Gift Guides for 2012! If you're still shopping, check here for inspiration!

Can you believe Christmas is here in a week?!? Crazy! I think I'm most excited about the gift I've bought for my brother-in-law mentioned above, which is weird because he is definitely the most difficult to buy for! And of course, I'm way excited to spoil the heck out of my nephew... last year he was more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts inside. I'll be sure and share some cute pics of the sweet boy with some of his new Santa goodies!

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