Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Guide: The Pampered Pooch

I can't believe how fast these weeks leading up to Christmas are flying by! Gift guide by gift guide we are getting closer to the holiday! While you're out shopping for the boys, the girls, your BFF's, your tech-y friends and the home-bodies... don't forget about your pooch!

Anyone who knows me, knows my pup, Lola, is one pampered little girl and she is definitely on my holiday shopping list! Here are a few items I have my eye on for my Lola girl:

1. Three Dog Bakery Treats: Last year I went all out and baked homemade dog treats, but truth be told, I'm not so sure anything I could make could even compare to this trio of flavors! Plus there's plenty here in the combo pack to share with her furry brother, Elway and her friends Sophie and Lucy!

2. Beanie Bones Bone: Lola's favorite leopard boney is looking a little shabby these days. It might be time for a replacement and this one is super cute!

3. Bowl: So Lola already has really pretty bowls from Nell Hill's {if you are ever in KC you must go... amazing home decor store!}, in fact, Lola's dish wear is nicer than my own, but somehow I still want to buy a set of these Oscar de la Renta for Neiman Marcus+Target... I may even want these more than my plate pick from the collection!

4. Collar and Leash: Another Oscar de la Renta for Neiman Marcus+Target. So ladylike and lovely. Right up Lola's alley! 

5: Barkin Bag Toy: If Mama {aka ME!} can't have her Berkin, the pup should at least have a Barkin. 

6. Kiehl's "Spray-n-Play" Spritz: I don't know about other dog owners out there, but my dog is not a fan of the bath, so a fresh spritz here and there is just the ticket to keeping Lola fresh between tubs.

7. Fleece Blanket: My girl is a sleeper! Most mornings she's already back in bed before I even get out of the shower, so a soft blanket is definitely a gift she'd love.

Happy Wednesday, all! Halfway to the weekend! Wahoo!!!

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  1. Sophie girl loves the shout out! These are such cute ideas Katie- I haven't gotten Sophie anything yet and that collar and leash are right up her alley (especially since she's almost completely chewed her lease apart....silly dog!)