Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday 5: I need it all!

  1. How beautiful is this watercolor by Lourdes Sanchez? I think I should attempt a DIY... haha! I wish! {Painting sadly, no longer available}
  2. I'm think the painting in #1 and a pair of these sconces would be cute with the rug I had my eye on last week! {sconce $151}
  3. And I should wear these cute sandals while I'm out on the house hunt this weekend! {mini wedge $150}
  4. Ok, these are a must have. Love the interesting shape, plus they're on sale. You know me... can't miss a sale! By the way, who's picked up there favs during the Sake f&f Sale? {Kate Spade studs $25}
  5. I've been on a cookies and cream kick lately! I can't seem to get enough Oreo cookie goodness! I think I'll give Mia a mixing break this weekend and satisfy my sweet tooth with this concoction! {Oreo Muddy Buddies}

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