Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spending My Weekend With Kate Spade

We all know I have a deep rooted love for any and all things Kate Spade, so of course I'd be happy to spend my weekend with her.

Ha! I wish! But if I can't spend my weekend with Kate Spade for real, maybe just Saturday? No? Not even?

Well then, I'll just have to design my own weekender on Kate Spade Saturday. Get it? Oh I'm just so funny!

For real, though, friends... How cool is this? Over on Kate Spade Saturday, you can design you own weekender tote. LOVE IT! I think I might have to cheat on my house savings plan and splurge on one of these. You get to choose the body and handle color, base color, pocket color and strap color {although I only liked the natural option... neither the black, nor the white did it for me}. There are quite a few colors to choose from as far as the bag portions go, but here are the combos I am leaning towards:

Plus, you all know how I love a monogram... for an additional $10 you can add your initials, like so:

My only wish is that the monogram was larger. I'm thinking if I didn't splurge for the $10 monogram through Kate Spade, I could take it to my gal and get my initials done in a larger font once I got my hands on this little slice of heaven the bag!

And aside from being able to customize it to your liking, just look at the great features of the bag itself:

Cute lining + a shoe compartment + tons of pockets = true LOVE. Seriously, where was this little gem pre-birthday?

Go ahead -- you know you want to... head over to Kate Spade Saturday to design your own, too! But just try to narrow it down to one... I dare you! {$280-$290}

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