Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY with some drama?

So I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper.

Hate it because I had to live with the same Laura Ashley pink ribbons until my awkward teenage years when all I wanted was anything-but-pink {sorry Mom... I know you still love that wallpaper and miss it each day!}... it seriously was the nursery that lasted til I was nineteen! And I also really despise the process of removing wallpaper. My sister and I once tried to surprise our parents while they were out of town over a weekend by taking down their outdated bathroom wallpaper and painting the walls, but in the process we ruined the walls {again, sorry Mom!}.

But, I do love the wallpaper from a design aspect. I think there are some really stellar options out there. Colors, patterns, all around gorgeousness.

Will I be a homeowner that takes the wallpaper plunge? Verdict is still out and I'll keep you updated, but for now, here is an option that has really caught my eye:


Dramatic, huh? Nothing like taking the wallpaper plunge with an oversized print in a color combo like black and white!

I'm thinking this could also be a cool DIY with some drama! Using supplies like so:

Think I could do it? I think so! Watch out new house... I'm coming for you! When I finally find you!

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  1. Katie- Have you checked on the HGTV wallpaper collection from sherwin-williams? I have never used it, but it claims that the wallpapers i easy to remove without any tools