Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday 5: Fresh for Spring

Well friends, sorry for the radio scilence yesterday. I guess the busy day on Wednesday sent me over the edge... not really, but the fabulous spring weather we were having earlier in the week did send my allergies into a tizzy. I was in bed all day yesterday with an awful sore throat. The kind that hurts enough that you can't even sleep. Such a tease feeling so yucky and still not being able to snooze. No fun! But don't worry, Mother Nature decided to dump more snow {yes, I said snow} on us yesterday and today! Hello May in Kansas!

Anyway, here's some fresh Friday 5 picks that are helping cheer me up!

  1. These shorts belong in my closet. Well done, J. Crew! {can't find them online, but the dress in that print is pretty cute too for $138}
  2. I picked these up this week for a friends birthday present... they were too sweet to pass up. {journal set $10}
  3. How cute are these mini tassels all around this bracelet? I think this needs to be part of my arm party. {seed bracelet $22}
  4. This cute set of piggy banks... errr owl banks... are so fun! I could see them displayed as a set in a china cabinet to add a little fun to the formal. {owl bank set $41}
  5. Still in the decorating mode {and probably will always be! I think I was an interior designer in my past life}... these chairs caught my eye. Not my usual classic style, but I really love them! And so affordable for a set of 2! {retro accent chair set $195}

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