Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday 5: Summery & Sparkly

Longest week ever, anyone? I'd sure say so! How about some pretend retail therapy to cheer us all up?...

  1. I guess I'm still in the mood for shorts! Last week's pick are still on my list, but I've added these, too! {shorts $54}
  2. I've always been one to love school supplies and these pencils are no exception! What a good reminder right there on your writing utensil! Wear sequins to breakfast? Well, ok! If you say so! {fancy pencils $12}
  3. After a busy month of birthdays in April and a very special birthday coming up for my sweet nephew at the end of May, these cake topper sparklers are a good way to mix up the traditional candles on a cake! {sparklers $6}
  4. For those mornings when time is not on my side, which is sadly more often than I'd like to admit, if nothing else, I must curl my lashes! Sadly, my favorite bargain curler has changed and just isn't doing to job anymore! It's time for an upgrade. Expect a full review on this baby once I've put it to the test! {shu uemera eyelash curler $20}
  5. Perfect summer dress to take from the beach by day and dinner by night? I think so! {print maxi $88}

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