Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Covet Kate Spade

First up, thoughts and prayers to everyone out East being effected by Crazy Lady Sandy. Stay safe! 

Kate and I go way back. I did an internship at the Kate Spade boutique in Chicago when I was in college, plus, Kate herself is a Kansas girl just like me! It's safe to say I truly love anything Kate Spade.

Right now, I'm obsessing over the shoes! When I worked at the store we had to wear the shoes, but I haven't really allowed myself to splurge on very many pairs since {it sure is a shame when the employee discount goes away!}.

Here are just a few that have caught my eye recently:

Left {top to bottom}
1. Charm: Can we say fancy? This shoe would make any party outfit!
2. Reena: I think I would wear this as my go-with-everything fall shoe. I was in love with these the first time I laid eyes on them when I was in NYC... and now they're on sale... time to pull the trigger? Just maybe!
3. Fondue: A great leopard print and a statement heel? What a perfect combination!

1. Mandie: Oh Mandie! You had me at the bow!

Right {top to bottom}
1. Loire: A little something extra to the basic black? Yes, please! We all know I love my polka dots! And a little sparkle never hurts!
2. Leslie: Well hello neutral with a twist! Love the wooden heel.
3.  Kalla: And of course, Miss Spade knows how to add a smart splash of color. 

My closet needs each and every one of those! 

On another note, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Hope you all are trick and treating yourself to a sweet treat or two! I wonder if I hop down to the Kate Spade boutique and trick or treated, if they would give me a pair of shoes from my wishlist? Might be worth a try!

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